About the Show

Teddy and Peanut

Hello! I am a mom, a tv watcher, an multi-media artist, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a civil servant, and “a hopelessly hopeful wounded child seeking wonderful” (BT).
I am also a huge advocate for mental health – awareness, acceptance, assistance, and elimination of the stigma. I have anxiety and depression which is managed through a wonderful team of healthcare physicians, but not all are as lucky as I am. I want to shed light to the fact that you can live just fine openly accepting everything about yourself, and getting help in the areas you need them.
This is also dedicated to my daughter who I hope looks back and reads the blog along with listening to this podcast and learns about her adventures and her mother in the early years of her life.
I am Teddy and my daughter we call Peanut. This is our story.